Wedding Day Management (aka Do It (MOSTLY) Yourself / Month-of)

If you find yourself thinking:

“I’m comfortable finding all my own vendors, staying within our budget, and making (or buying) my own personal decor touches… BUT… I really don’t want to worry about anything on the wedding day… “


“I just want someone to set up all this awesome stuff I’ve got to make my wedding be #amazeballs and make the day flow seamlessly”


“OMG, the wedding is 6 months away and I NEED to make sure everything’s ready and thenworkgotsupercrazyandIdon’twanttomissanythingandomgican’tbreathe….”

Then my Wedding Day Management is the service you NEED to make your #WeddingDay be your #BestDayEver!

STEP 1: Let’s catch up!

  • You’ll be welcomed into a personalized online planning portal where we store all the details of your weddings (ALL vendor/friendor contracts, design ideas, guest lists, timeline, etc)
  • We’ll have a meeting (phone call, in person, or video) to review everything you’ve done so far and schedule all our check-ins through the big day.

STEP 2: We plan!

  • Together, during our check-ins, I’ll guide you through a series of templates to customize a wedding day timeline and diagrams (room layouts) that make sense for YOU.
  • We’ll review all the decor you’ve collected and maybe add a few things from my inventory!
  • We’ll review all your booked vendors and help you find any others you may need or want.

STEP 3: I get your back.

  • 1 month before the wedding (if not sooner), I’ll touch base with your team (caterer, DJ, photographer, venue, bar, florist, hair/makeup team, transportation, etc) to introduce myself and address any of their concerns about your wedding.
  • I will send out the finalized timeline to your vendors (and key friends/family members) and triple-check their arrival/departure times.
  • I will help you make adjustments to your caterer/rental orders as your guest numbers fluctuate.
  • AND (most importantly) answer your last-minute questions, concerns, and freak-outs (though very few since we’ve already addressed most everything!)

STEP 4: We manage the team, guide you and your guests, and follow the timeline.

  • I will meet you and everyone involved in your ceremony at your rehearsal the day before your big day. The goal here is to practice the ceremony processional, recessional and briefly go over the major events of the ceremony itself. Super informal and pretty quick — check out my blog for some crazy places we’ve done rehearsals!
  • On the wedding day: We start the day by checking in on you, and walking through the venue.
  • Setup and remove/pack all your personal decor and gifts at the end of the night.
  • Manage the timeline we’ve created (and help the team keep to it)

STEP 5: You have your #BestDayEver!

Make sense? Sound good? Ready to start? Then…. Let the planning BEGIN!

Additional services are available on the A La Carte page — check it out, especially if you’re thinking of hiring a food truck (did someone say TACOS?!?) or catering from your favorite chef or restaurant!