VENDOR HIGHLIGHT: Dina Nast (SoCal Hair & Makeup)

In honor of her #birthday, I wanted to launch my #VendorLoveSeries with my dear friend – the very talented hair/makeup artist & #bossbabe – Dina Nast, owner of Socal Hair & Makeup)!!

dinaThings I love about this incredible woman?

  • Airbrush. I wish I knew her when I got married – her airbrush skills are amazing. It’s light, it’s airy, it lasts ALL day — even in the summer heat or dreamy snowfall!
  • Always on time. She’s there when she says she’s going to be, and is ALWAYS done when she estimates — a wedding planner’s dream. I constantly hear that the timeline is derailed because hair/makeup went long… but not with this #dreamteam.
  • Asians. Okay, that sounds weird. But if you’re an Asian woman (like I am), getting your makeup done is a super scary concept. Either you end up looking like a geisha, OR … um… (guys, #superhonestmoment, trying to find the most PC word here)… like I’m in a theatre performance or dance show. Neither are good looks on my WEDDING DAY! Dina and her team NAIL #naturalasianmakeup so well, she’s my go-to gal.
  • Super mom. In addition to running a successful business, she has beautiful babies at home! I was SO EXCITED when she told me about her newest addition (of course, WHILE she’s applying false lashes to one of our many, many brides together) — she’s a rockstar, ya’ll!

I know you’ll love her as much as I do. Here’s a quick glimpse of all our past brides (and a groom that snuck in there!)

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Happy birthday my dear friend!! Love you Dina!! XOXO