VENUE SPOTLIGHT: {NEW} Shadetree Gardens

SG - Grove Terrace

SNEAK PEAK…. be #thefirsttoknow about the newest outdoor rustic event venue in San Diego:Ā Shadetree Gardens, located in the majestic hills of Northern San Diego County, opening in the fall of 2020!

My husband is a Navy veteran, and I strive to support #VeteranOwnedBusinesses as much as possible. The brilliant and business-savvy owner, Josh Geherty,Ā is a former Marine (though, once a marine, alwaysĀ a Marine!) which immediately put Shadetree Gardens on the map for my couples. Everything Shadetree Gardens has to offer will be carefully thought through, planned for, and presented with precision — exactly what #BestDayEveršŸ„‚ couples expect (and deserve) for their special event!

Reasons why I love this BRAND NEW venue?? Let me break it down for ya!

This view:

SG - avocado amphitheater
View from Avocado Amphitheater

Wide Open Spaces:

SG - Veranda.Lawn
Veranda + Lawn – Ceremony / Cocktail Hour Space

A space to stay:

SG - estate
Estate – accommodates up to 12 overnight guests 12
SG - casita
Casita – accommodates up to 4 overnight guests


OMG, I L.O.V.E #weddingdoggos!!

A Blank Canvas:

Square tables? Farm tables? Benches instead of chairs? Sure!Ā  Rustic/woodsy? Bohemian? Modern? Vibrant and Loud? Lush and green? You got it!

And the best part? I got you!! =)Ā 

While we’re still in stay-at-home orders, site tours are temporarily paused, but once we can venture out into the real world again, #HitMeUp to schedule a tour for you OR, feel free to reach out to them directly:Ā Shadetree Gardens Events Team.

VENDOR HIGHLIGHT: Dina Nast (SoCal Hair & Makeup)

In honor of her #birthday, I wanted to launch my #VendorLoveSeries with my dear friend – the very talented hair/makeup artist & #bossbabe – Dina Nast, owner of Socal Hair & Makeup)!!

dinaThings I love about this incredible woman?

  • Airbrush. I wish I knew her when I got married – her airbrush skills are amazing. It’s light, it’s airy, it lasts ALL day — even in the summer heat or dreamy snowfall!
  • Always on time. She’s there when she says she’s going to be, and is ALWAYS done when she estimates — a wedding planner’s dream. I constantly hear that the timeline is derailed because hair/makeup went long… but not with this #dreamteam.
  • Asians. Okay, that sounds weird. But if you’re an Asian woman (like I am), getting your makeup done is a super scary concept. Either you end up looking like a geisha, OR … um… (guys, #superhonestmoment, trying to find the most PC word here)… like I’m in a theatre performance or dance show. Neither are good looks on my WEDDING DAY! Dina and her team NAIL #naturalasianmakeup so well, she’s my go-to gal.
  • Super mom. In addition to running a successful business, she has beautiful babies at home! I was SO EXCITED when she told me about her newest addition (of course, WHILE she’s applying false lashes to one of our many, many brides together) — she’s a rockstar, ya’ll!

I know you’ll love her as much as I do. Here’s a quick glimpse of all our past brides (and a groom that snuck in there!)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Happy birthday my dear friend!! Love you Dina!! XOXO

Who is Steph? (in GIFs!!)

I donā€™t know about you, but with my closest friends and fam, we have entire text convos in GIFs. Theyā€™re just so perfect – little snippets of awesomeness that succinctly express EXACTLY what Iā€™m trying to say. Theyā€™re funny. Theyā€™re witty. Theyā€™re unique. Theyā€™re just perfect.


Ok, fine!

Growing up in LA (aka La-la-land or Holly-weird), I always thought I’d end up in the film business…


Being a 1st AD, the person responsible for pulling everything together for the cameras to roll, I felt myself starting to embody this bad-a$$. Plus, I’m Japanese and Chinese — she gets me!


And then off to college I went, trying to figure out how I can get a college degree while KNOWING I wanted to be in production. Once I learned that pyrotechnics was a career option, I thought…


But really, all I wanted was…

Suddenly, 4 years had gone by and like every college senior, I had the OMG I’m graduating moment.

So, I made the leap from working in the kitchen to being a concert roadie/stagehand with formal training in stage management and lighting design. … And quickly realized I needed a steady form of income. I found a career with corporate audio visuals for meetings and events, and fell in love with events — especially weddings. A wedding day is very much like a day of production…

… well, maybe more clothing and less swords. Actually, I have had a couple perform their cake cutting with a sword….

sword cake cutting

Anyhow… that’s just a smidgen of the person I am in GIFs. Now your turn! You can leave 3 GIFs in the comments below that speak to the couple you are, OR, send them in your inquiry through the contact page. Or even better, post ’em on your socials with #bestdayeveršŸ„‚ !!